CSI Media is a Top Notch Red Carpet, Events-media, Public Relation Consulting and live-streaming company.

A dynamic integrated 'through the- line' events-media home that believes in focusing on 'style and message'.

This unique positioning allows us to apply our energies on the 'big idea' which is delivering Style,Glam and Class to your events while also allowing for lots of fun guests-engaging activities through our exceptional red carpet sessions.

 We employ our unique targeting capabilities and expertise to reach out to and satisfy our clients. Not leaving out our immediate community through our social responsibility and community service projects aimed at giving back to the society that has given us a place to call home.

We are driven by a desire to make every event "the event"  and this we achieve through innovations and our excellent driven services which have resulted in various testimonials.

As an events-media company, our partners include, Posh magazine, Elites Magazine,The Nation Newspaper, Oladeile E magazine,faith olaniran blog, tosinolouwaolowo blog,  and   A.I.T.

We are interested in working with foresighted young individuals passionate about exploring the numerous opportunities available in
new media. Interested? please contact us as soon as possible. we can't
wait to bring you on board.