Saturday, January 18, 2014


A lof controversial question were raised on the CSI red capet @Adesuper Hotel during the "Young People Speak Out" (an initiative of Kids and Teens Resource Centre aimed at encouraging young people to talk about the new health system delivery in Ondo State) - One out of many was the shocking response of a secondary student when asked what she will do if her friend disclosed to her that she was pregnant? *hun* she immediately answered that she would not advice her to keep it, *raises eyebrow* shocking right? Before you conclude, her reasons: "a girl of my age, approximately 14 is known biologically not to be developed enough. Hence a risk if she births a child- for this sort of case I would advice an abortion although subject to the opinion of a medical personnel. Wow! True and honest *winks*
Another young guy who is an undergraduate also surprised us by claiming that if his lady tells him she is pregnant for him, he would take her in as a responsible guy and also take her to the hospital for checkup....lots and lots of happenings sugared the event on the 21st Nov, 2013. From Dance to Solo performances and of course there was the Standby HIV/AIDs test centre. I think its safe if I assumed no positives because we didn't record any faints or scream *smiles*. Every one went home with at least 4 sachets of condom. Laughs- some guys went with the whole pack courtesy of ODSACA*winks*. It was funfilled, entertaining  and edutaining *lol* WITH A LOT OF MESSAGES DETAILING THE HEALTH OF YOUNG PEOPLE COURTESY OF KIDS AND TEENS RESOURCE CENTRE! 
Enjoy the pictures....                                     

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