Saturday, April 29, 2017

Adama & Birmah! Love Through and True. #AdB2017

When Adama and Birmah met, Adama had zeroed her mind not to marry anyone from her hometown (Chibok). But love had more in stock for both of them and she found him Irresistible
Abuja stood still for two lovebirds who have conquered all odds, withstood all tests to finally stand to look deep into each other's eyes and say “I DO".
Birmah and Adama embodies the true love that speaks volumes in silence and stands firm through thick and thin.
Mambila barracks in Abuja was the place. The calibre and number of guests who came all the way to celebrate them attested to this love.
It was fun from the very beginning to the end. Excited guests, stunning couple, grinning bridal train and groomsmen. It was infectious as everyone played a part as they start their journey to forever.
For them, Love always finds a way.

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