Monday, July 17, 2017

Love beyond Borders and Boundaries. Olabisi and Emoakpor's Holds Glam Wedding #Bisak17

More often than not we hear of how Love doesn't care where you are from, who you are, age or status. When cupid strikes the arrow saturated with the love liquid, no barrier is enough to stand or stop its force. 

This perfectly applies to Olabisi and Emoakpor, two amazing individuals, who from different clans and ethnic groups found love and peace in each other and deemed it fit that they would only find happiness forever in each other and no where else. 

Yes, they made the big and bold move. The got married and sealed the union forever. Awwww. Yes, you can say that again, so sweet. Akure, South west Nigeria stood still for our beautiful couple. Whispers he popped the question at an Underwater Zoo in Dubai. Back to the gist.... 

We had so much fun, handsome groomsmen, beautiful bridal ladies, everywhere was reeking of slayers and dapper gentlemen, what else do you expect from such a fine couple. We had an eyeful on the red carpet, the couple kissed so long, and created a world of theirs, we could only look on with dreamy eyes. 

It was a day Nobody wanted to end, of course, who would want a good thing to end. Sadly enough, the day had to end. We are however happy that we witnessed true that conquered boundaries and borders and two hearts races through obstacles to meet and become one. We are excited we are part of #Bisak17 love story. We wish them all of the best in this Lifelong journey.

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