Wednesday, July 26, 2017

True Happiness is when you get married to your best friend: Debola and Segun connect the dotted lines to seal an amazing union. #DS2017

“If you want me, it takes more than a wink, more than a drink and more than you think” … in a world where true love is hard to come by, here’s a story of two birds that found love. Hard-to-get she was but persistent he remained. A real man recognizes a real woman, they say. Segun and Debola are best friends with a truly inspiring love story…

JULY 22, it was when this amazing couple said their vows in Akure, Ondo state. The day was fresh and bright- a luminous indication of the future. Debola, our beautiful ebony bride was basically emitting all kinds of radiance; you could really see the glow in her melanin. And of course, Segun the lucky husband brought his game too. This guy could not stop dancing, or kissing!

Side Gossip-Whispers When Segun was asked to prostrate to Debola's parents, to show he is ready, he rolled on the floor instead with his full agbada. Loool. You did not hear it from us. 

Back to main story. 

From afar, it was written all over the love birds that they weren't just lovers who got married, they were best of friends who seamless moved a bit further to seal the union. The playfulness between them all day would take you away from this world and give you dreamy thoughts on what an exciting adventure this would be for them. It is that infectious. 

Beautiful faces everywhere, from the stretch Limo, to the red carpet… we bring you a moment-by-moment account of the glitz, the glamour and sheer class of #DS2017, an extra ordinary wedding. Akure was not ready for this one.

Debola: “ I pray and I know we would grow together in love, health and strength. We would also grow together Till we are old and Grey"

Segun: “If I have to choose all over again. I would not think twice of choosing her again. I would choose her all over and over again ".

Groom : @oluwapotato
Bride : @debolaah

Red carpet - @CSI_redcarpet
Hosts : @mchondastevo & @officialarole
Live band : @femisolar_jasaking
Djs : @iamdjbobwhy & @undisputeddjefe
Event planners : @beautifulbrides_ng 
Tiara & Earing : @yes_i_do_bridal
Wedding dress : @celebrityqueenn
Make up : @ennies_makeover
Hair : @tobbiestouch
Photography :@9.22photography @motayogallery @shallom_photography @CSI_redcarpet 
Decor : @dexterityplus01
Limousine : @instantdrivers

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