Tuesday, October 10, 2017

In a world where the word LOVE has become a cliché, we found a true one. #Chizrel17.

He met her just once through a friend, Exchanged pleasantries, she got him hooked with the most amazing type of smile he had ever come across, it became a regular feature whenever he was having his “Deja Vu" moments. she went back to school overseas, he couldn't muster enough courage to get to talk to her again.

However, we know how powerful the magnetic force of love is. He later got her BBm contact(By the way, even though BBm is no longer what it used to be, it has strengthened relationships and borne marriages, big ups to that App). They kept at it and the rest they said is history.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Fast forward to this day, Israel is forever hooked to his “pinopino" Chioma. He is about to change gears and embark on the best ride of his life. You know that roller coaster ride winks..

In a very cozy ceremony, they cemented their oneness, makes their dreams come true and for who they are, what they have, their shortcomings and strengths. They have decided to follow through and never look back.

“We have heard a lot of Love stories, but ours remains our Favourite"
-Chioma and Israel.

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