Tuesday, February 23, 2016

#SennyMola2016: The Long Walk to The Aisle! Sola & Demola's 13 Year Love Story & Pre-Wedding Photos




Thanks to MTN Extracool, distance wasn’t a barrier…Oluwaseun

She makes my life so beautiful…Demola

She wasn't quite sure why she had decided to attend the National Vigil Service on a night as cold as that someday in 2003 but then Oluwaseun had stepped out to chit chat with her elder brother's friend for a short while, hoping it would heat her up the cold night a little only when few minutes later, he had said he’ll like her to meet someone. Just as she was about to wear the 'am not interested’ look, she noticed this Tall, Good Looking, Dark skinned guy walking towards them. Daaayum!!! ‘‘How could I have been in this church for years without ever setting my eyes on this fine Boy'?”   Not only was this boy fine, his mannerism was everything.

And when he turned to leave after they said their goodbyes, Demola pressed into her hands, some mints 50 Naira notes. ......'ahaaaaa, this guy was d Nigerian girl's dream, he knows whats up? hEhe. The meeting ended with the cute girl dropping her NITEL house line for her new friend….

“Oluwaseun what’s your email so we can chat online he had asked during one of the calls”, she responded laughing and saying she didn’t have one. He called her back in few minutes, asked her to grab a pen and paper and dictated her email address and password to her. “What kind of a guy is this?” she was thrilled.
Demola could call for ever… and she soon started sneaking to make unending calls to Demola, to the point that her dad locked the telephone whenever he was leaving for work after noticing the bills heaped. Demola would however still call for hours and no gist passed without the other knowing.
Then she made a quick switch to spending lots of time over the pay phone to talk to this addictive young man who wanted to talk to her like forever.

University happened for Seun along the line few months later, and the attraction was so much that Demola knew if he didn’t ask this cute girl out ASAP, she’ll friend-zone him and the sharp campus guys wouldn’t dull it… he asked her out and Seun who was subconsciously friend-zoning already, asked for some time to think about it. Demola went ahead to speak to her cousin and few months later, they kicked it off and started dating, becoming the envy of so many. Showing her off everywhere whenever she went visiting him in school, she still has the lovely memories of attending lectures with him, going around school and  her lover taking her anywhere and everywhere… some cute PDA” lol

Iyalaya distance, MTN extra cool was a distance saver connecting them closer in the middle of each night despite the long way to go.
Until someday,  while on one of her visits to his place in November 2013, Seun had in the course of the movie they were both seeing figured the boo needed a drink with the way he was yawning and was quick to step out to get him one from the refrigerator. On a quick return to the room hoping not to miss a scene from the movie with a glass of juice in her hand, Demola gazing at his adorable woman went on one knee starring keenly into her eyes and looking all very serious “You know you mean so much to me, I can’t imagine living without an angel like you in my life. I fell in love with you from that first time in church. You really were a Daddy’s girl and it was tough but it’s been worth it. I want to spend the rest of my life with you; will You Marry Me? …. Still stunned trying to reminisce the event of the last few minutes, she could feel the butterfly in her tummy and the tears rolling down her face as she watched this guy who had helped her grow over the years pop up the life changing question. Demola,  “Yes I will” she said all mushy. 

Waxing stronger ever since, we trending #SennyMola2016  this Saturday 27th February, 2016, as the lovers get married  

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