Tuesday, March 1, 2016

MATCH MADE IN CHURCH; AN EXTRACOOL LOVE STORY #SennyMola2016 's Beautiful Wedding Pictures

For Former Miss Oluwaseun Oloye and Mr Ademola Adekanye, it‘s been 13 years to walk down the aisle. 13 years since on that cold night, her elder brother’s friend had introduced her to a smart looking, well mannered, handsome dark guy at the National Vigil.

In Demola’s words during the red carpet moment; “From the instant I spotted her 13 years ago, I knew she was my wife”.  On Seun’s part, she always expected this and so this thrilling moment with the ring on it was a stunning dream come true.

At every time distance was about to set in and cause a stir, MTN Extracool calls did the magic facilitating the duo stayed connected and stronger… With extra cool, staying awake till 12.30 became a hobby.

Seun and Demola finally got to say their vows on the 27th of February 2016 and thereafter proceeded to St. Thomas Event Centre, Akure, in the heart of Ondo State for a gaudy, well-attended reception.
The stunning bride and stylish Demola maximized their red carpet moments with fabulous poses and the dazzling bride couldn't  just get enough of her prince charming’s  lips.

Wishing Mr & Mrs. Adekanye the most beautiful marriage ever.

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