Tuesday, November 1, 2016

From a Weird Crush to the Amazing Lover… Damilola & Tosin's love story and pre-wedding pictures. #DamTos2016

This is such an admirable match!Beautiful pictures, lush story story, evidently playful duo. 

Today we’re elated to exclusively present Damilola & Tosin's lush pre-wedding pictures as they prepare to walk down the aisle this weekend in Lagos.

Their love story is proof that love will always make and find a way. 

Read the bride's story. 

Meeting Tosin during my first month at the university bus stop was something I will never forget all my life, as a fresh student I was new to the university environment and everything seemed strange and burgling that I almost got frustrated everyday due to ceaseless lectures, time consuming and frustrating registrations to deal with. 
At about 2:30pm I finished the last lecture for the day and I headed straight to the bus stop to get the next available taxi to take me down to my hostel (I lived off-campus). I stood under the scorching sun not minding what was going on around me. 30mins after waiting endlessly for a taxi, I heard someone calling sister! sister!! sister!!! but I never tried to check who was calling or being called, after few seconds I noticed a giant shadow of a male drawing close, I felt a poke on my bare shoulder that made me turn to see a tall chocolate skinned guy with a wide grin offering me a handkerchief and a bottled water simultaneously. I was surprised with the gesture not because of the offers just that it wasn’t long I said a silent prayer requesting for a cold water due to that fact that I was already de-hydrated due to my long stay under the scorching sun. I gently collected the bottled water from him with all smiles and told him not to bother with the handkerchief for I have got one inside the backpack. As I was gulping the cold refreshing drink I felt elated and energized, I noticed the guy was still staring at me smiling and waiting for me to drop the empty plastic bottle so he can start a conversation which he eventually did! He asked for my name, though I was shy but I answered that I bear Damilola by name and he said his name was Tosin, he then asked if I was a fresh student and I said yes that I was just admitted into the department of “microbiology” and I also asked about his level, but before he could say jack, I saw an empty taxi waved it down and hopped in, I waved at him and also thanked him for his kind gesture. I got home reminiscing about my day, what I gained throughout the day that was when my mind struck the unusual encounter of my life.
After about three weeks of my surprising moment with Tosin-the-kind, I met him again at the motion ground when I went there in company of my friends (crystal and debby), our aim was to get a nice spot where they sell good snacks and also help ourselves with cold hollandia yoghurt. Tosin was quick to notice me from afar off, he came to meet me and my friends and we exchanged pleasantries he said my friends should excuse us because he wants to have a one-on-one talk with me, I was surprised and also embarrassed but I heeded. That was when I heard the most awkward thing of my life. He started muttering somethings to himself and after trying to summon courage he said since the first time I met you I couldn’t get you off my mind, I have been unable to concentrate and also been praying earnestly to see you soon so that I can tell you what is on my mind, immediately he said those sentences I cut-in abruptly and angrily knowing fully well where he was driving the discussion to, I told him he should never think that we can be in any form of relationship be it holy friendship or anything boyfriend-girlfriend stuff, I told him how on earth did he think he can convince me over a bottled water and a handkerchief offer, I knew those words made him feel bad but it was ok by me. Then I asked what level he was and to my surprise he muttered “I am in 100 level”, with my eyes filled with blood and anger I shouted, is this what your parents sent you here to do? all he could do was to silently say Dammy I am sorry and he left.
Fast forward to three years after my last encounter with Tosin, I met him once again at the lecture theatre alley, but now I and more matured and feel sorry for the way I treated to him the last time we met. With his gentle grin he said do you remember me? I said yes, and also asked if I do notice he normally stalk me during night class and lecture periods I was amazed and kept wondering what type of human being will stalk for more than three years!!!, then he asked if he could visit me in my hostel, which I agreed to and I gave him the description on a white rough sheet of paper I found on the seat beside me. At about 7:55pm I heard a knock on my front door, I asked who was there then a voice answered with a baritone it’s me Tosin, I quickly opened the door and ushered him in, I offered him a can malt drink that I got earlier from an old woman selling beverages down the street corner. After much gist and tales which we laughed at he asked to leave. 
It was a day to our mid-semester break when Tosin my now intimate friend asked me the question he once planned asking about three years ago which I never allowed, he called me my pet name and said Dammy can I ask you something serious, I answered what is it again Tosin? as he was about to say it my phone started ringing when I checked the screen it was an incoming call from my Dad……..

I have never for once regretted I said YES to him and finally we are here!!! I can't actually believe am getting married to Mr Adekola Tosin (my stalker for 3 years*winks*).
After some months, he popped the question of a life time commitment,I never saw that coming though;WILL YOU MARRY ME? on his kneels in one of the luxury hotel in ilorin,I was dazzed when I saw a diamond ring glittering in his left hand
Am sure your guess is as right as mine *winks*
One thing I admire about him is the fact that he is God-fearing,full of integrity and good character (less talk,more of action), He prioritizes  his time and well-rounded in many ways. He's a modern renaissance man.he has a large heart towards everyone,everywhere he goes he leaves a mark, not prone to anger,he says what he means and means what he says. He is empathetic and forgiving,He goes after what he wants even in the presence of self-doubt. His action are made with care and moderation.
Being with him has made me understand what it means to be in a loyal relationship. I love you my muse,my pink lips baby.Adekola  oluwatosin oluwabukunmi.

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  1. Awwwwww! I wish them happy marital bliss. What a romantic story, they are truly destined to be together