Thursday, December 15, 2016

Detola and Dotun's story started from the very first day that Dotun saw the most beautiful young lady he had ever seen in his entire life😱😱 inside a dirty old rusty cab.
He was dumbstruck that he couldn't even keep a conversation going. He in fact forgot to even mention where he was headed. Sadly, he lost her for eleven months. But God had to send in his Angel of love Cupid 💘💘💘 and this time it hit home and right there in rotimi's living room.
Dotun knew he wanted nothing more than to be with this beauty, Detola, for the rest of his life. And on the 10th of December 2016 the heavens rejoiced and blessed two of its angels, for theirs was a match made in heaven. Detola looked more than the princess she is, she looked more like the queen Elsa in frozen(but mind you neither Detola nor Dotun were singing let it go). The venue had every detail of royalty.
Ilesha stood still for the wedding of the King's Princess Detola and Her prince charming.
Red carpet by @csi_redcarpet
08069204058, 08036301115.
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